All speeches are customised to the audience and the theme of the event. Sade aims to inspire and encourage her audience with heartfelt speeches that will uplift the audience. They will leave the place feeling refreshed with a clearer picture to whatever issue they faced before they came in.


Break Out of the Cycle of Pain, Failure & Purposelessness


Breaking out of pain, failure and purposelessness comes from proper counsel care and sound teaching.


Understand How Starting with Yourself Can Inspire Other Women


You can’t help others until you have helped yourself or have been helped. Coming to an understanding of this is very important.


For a woman to operate fully in her purpose she will encounter trials, these trials are known as process that processes us while growing.


Establishing Self Worth


When you Value Self Worth you use it to overcome any difficult situation.
Use trials as a tool of empowerment.

Enable growth through clear understanding of who you are.


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