Themes include finding purpose, resilience, confidence and self-esteem, faith, overcoming challenges, starting later in life, re-inventing yourself. Even at a late stage


Consulting services for charities and organisations for women, particularly those who have lived through abusive situations.

Mentor for young adults

Founder of EIG (Emerging Into Greatness) Network, designed to encourage young adults into their purpose.

Why you need a Purpose-Focused Approach to Life at any Age!

Have you ever thought why it is so important to have a purpose focused approach to life? Each one of us can have a different purpose in life. But the ultimate question remains why do you need to focus on purpose? Is it not good enough to be a nice human?

When you look around and start to notice the workings of the universe; you’ll realize that everything is created out of a purpose. There is a meaning behind the existence of the smallest creature. So, as a human, you too need to know your purpose in order to experience a meaningful existence.

If you want to live a wholesome life, then your purpose will play a huge role in it. But it is quite normal to not have found your purpose in life or not have thought about it. Especially, as a woman, it is never too late to turn life around purpose.

Finding your purpose is a whole process that takes you closer to things that you are most passionate about. Many a times, you are waiting for a push or a sign to help unfold your potential and achieve something great. But mere waiting is not enough. It doesn’t matter how late you start. What matters is
to start as it is the only thing that will show you the right direction to follow your true passion and turn your dreams into a reality.


It is only after you turn life around purpose that you are truly clear about your goals. With purpose, you can shape your life just the way you want it to be. On the contrary, people without a purpose end up experimenting with their lives, hop on and hop off businesses. It is in such circumstances that you find yourself wasting time on pointless things that won’t even matter in the long term.

Purpose focused approach to life is like a gift that you give to yourself.
It enriches your values, and stops you from taking the wrong course in life.
Purpose turns you into a person who is ready to serve the world with its full potential on. It would not be wrong to say that purpose is a key that helps channelize your true self.

The ultimate aim of being purpose focused is to unfold your true potential and get in touch with your inner most elements that make you the person you truly are. Once you know your purpose, you’ll feel more connected with the universe. It is this interconnectedness that will change your life forever. You’ll no longer feel battered down by your fears. Instead, you’ll stand tall without losing hope for a better future ahead.

On the whole, purpose inspires you to live life to the fullest in the present moment. It helps open up your eyes to grab opportunities that were always there in front of you. It enters your life like a breath of fresh air, making the most positive difference to your relationships and personal goals.

So, if you are still looking to find the purpose of your life, then wait no more and get in touch with me to book a 15-minute free session on call.

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