My Story

I relocated to a new land at the peak of my career! Who does that? I did.

My story

Under the warm gaze of an African sun, I grew up as a typical Nigerian girl. I loved acting and making people laugh but my parents wanted me to follow a more traditional life path, so I never seriously considered pursuing that passion. However, I wasn’t sure of my true-life purpose.



As I entered adulthood, I was lucky enough to lead a varied and very fulfilling career. I trained as a hair stylist before opening and running a successful hair salon. I even styled presenters for live television, which I loved. In time, I was given the chance to present a beauty and fashion segment on a hit Nigerian national breakfast show called New Dawn on 10. I also hosted my own radio show called Staying Up With Sade on Rhythm 93.7FM one of Nigerias leading radio stations which I got by entering and winning a voice contest they run, according to the executives the contest was over when they heard my voice!



My media career was really looking up and I was genuinely very fulfilled by my successes. But there was always something missing. I couldn’t shake the feeling that I should be doing something else and that something bigger was out there waiting for me to find it. So, I went looking for it.



Despite the fact my media career was thriving, I decided to leave it all behind, as well as my family to follow my dream in a foreign land, I relocated to the USA. Leaving behind everyone I loved, including my children, was the most heart-breaking thing I’ve ever had to do but I knew that I would never know true happiness if I didn’t do it, so I thought. What a wake up call that was when i realised it was a wrong decision



However, things weren’t easy. I had never made such a bold move before. For the first time in my life that I was having to take on the responsibilities of finding a new job and applying for somewhere to live. It’s safe to say finding my feet took a long time.



When I first arrived in the UK, I sought refuge wherever I thought I could find it. That led me to a church where for eight years, I found myself in an incredibly toxic and controlling situation. Other church members bullied and manipulated me and I became a complete mess, I literally became a walking zombie.

Fear and anxiety was king in my life now and I had no idea which way to turn. I was truly a mess.


My string of bad luck continued when my husband threatened to leave me in the midst of my depression, very convenient. I also faced several major health issues including battling cancerous fibroids, undergoing two double eye surgeries and being involved in a near fatal car accident. It was a combination of all of this that led me to really re-evaluate my life.


What did I really want to do? Who did I really want to be? I wanted to regain control of my life and face it head-on. So, I returned to my first love -acting and producing. I was 55 when I applied to acting school, but I just knew that my life was finally on the right path. I signed up with an agent and began taking acting roles. I also discovered a love of storytelling through film and produced my first film Empty Deceit, which was selected a Californian film festival, supporting purpose driven film-making.


My creative mind was always ticking over and I ended up inventing an illuminated clutch bag for women. I was amazed when this invention got me nominated for a British Female Inventor and Innovator Award, presented by Global Women Inventors and Innovators Network (GWINN). This not-for-profit organisation celebrates creative and innovative women, and I was honoured to be recognised by them.



I wanted to encourage other women to have the courage to follow their dreams and believe in themselves, so I wrote a book detailing my experiences and how I found the strength to be my true self. That book is Be The Total Woman You Are and I really hope that anyone who reads it learns and feels inspired by my story. I also launched a podcast called Emerging Into Greatness and set up a mentoring network for young adults.




My only regret in life is not following my dreams earlier and ditching it when it was at its peak. However, it’s never too late to start living the life that you were always meant to and my goal is to help you find your path and not be afraid to live life to the full. Get yourself a copy of Be The Total Woman You Are to find out how you can get from where you are now to a place of greater purpose. One of my beliefs are when a woman or even a young girl is empowered, she goes on to empower a nation. There is a saying about a woman scorned, hell has no fury but it’s the complete opposite is when she is empowered, she shines through and her shine influences others positively.






Maybe you can relate?

Never let your past mistakes determine your future victories.

Instead start over,Impact millions and be who you were called to be.

Its never too late to start over, in fact if you have life, you have no excuse not to.


It’s your responsibility to search for your purpose, serve your purpose and live it.

Does this speak to you so far?

Live an empowered life on a day-to-day basis.

Learn how to love and value yourself.

Find purpose through your challenges and trials.

Gain understanding into who you are and why you were created.

Overcome the stigma of re-starting later in life.

Be The Total Woman You Are


My book, Be The Total Woman You Are, tells the story of my journey, the ups, the downs and the victories won. I want to help you rewrite the story of your life and take you from where you are now into your place of greater purpose.