A little bit more info

I strongly believe in communication and the power to either transform or deflate . Time and time again over the years I have witnessed the profound effect communicating has had on my clients I’ve seen the life changing effects in their lives..

My clients have access to me almost 24/7 of the time they book me for which comes with the package. Being a person of faith that is only discussed if client is comfortable  discussing  it but never shoved down their throats.

I don’t suffer fools lightly and can’t stand or understand people who can’t keep their word and have an excuse every time they don’t, this is a major pet peeve. I’m straightforward with my clients and always strive to be real down to  earth. Most of my clients have become friends over the years due to the level of trust acquired.

Additional things about me:

I love fine dinning

I don’t like cooking.

I like been driven

I don’t drive

I love wearing wigs.

I love changing styles.

I don’t like arrogant men.

I can’t be bought if I don’t like you.

I’m very emotional.

I love rice.

I love making people laugh.

I laugh a lot.

I’m a performer.

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