Sade Popoola

Actress. Film Maker. Podcaster.

I remembered who I was and the game changed. I took the bull by the horn to find,live and serve my purpose to a waiting world.





Let Sade help you navigate through the confusion of  finding purpose.


Sade currently mentors’ women who want answers to the issues in their lives she encourages women find their God given purpose and serve it to the world either through mentoring and or sign posting them to where they can further pursue their ventures.



What Sade Believes


Sade is a believer in self-love for full total transformation. She has lived through the ugly phase of low self-worth from the psychological abuse from the church which hindered on her health to facing loneliness and isolation from people she trusted. But knowing who she is, why she is here on earth propelled her to taking full charge of her life. Sade says  that oppression ages you and true knowledge liberates you. It actually makes you look younger.


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Be The Total Women You Are

The book ‘Be The Total Woman You Are’ is primarily about my life growing up, finding myself in a toxic controlling place a place where i sought for refuge but instead it was the exact thing I was running from. You will read how I desperately tried to find my way out by any means possible. It highlights the dangers of religion and how I nearly had a breakdown simply because of the toxic environment of religion, tradition and identity crisis.